The Inspiration


American Vice was manifested from a slight spin on the classic drink – the Miami Vice.  We invented the American Vice, the ultimate party drink, because we are American….and we like to party.

The American Vice: one part strawberry daiquiri, one part piña colada, one part hurricane; layered.  Garnish with a mini American flag (obviously).

Drinking the frothy deliciousness that is the American Vice while decked out in holiday flair led us to the inspiration behind the company.  We wanted to create outrageously awesome holiday apparel for people who want to step up their party game.  Our clothing, much like the American Vice bevie, screams “I’m fancy, but I’m here to party”.

Wearing our apparel is guaranteed to increase your attractiveness by 1776%.  Disclaimer: Those who consume American Vices while wearing American Vice apparel have been known to:

  • Drink an 18 oz. beer out of a 12 oz. can.
  • Cut a knife with butter.
  • Hear sign language.
  • Beat the sun in a staring contest.
  • Punch a Cyclops between the eye.
  • Drown a fish.
  • Find the end of a circle.
  • Make onions cry.
  • Count to infinity. Twice.
  • Find out Victoria’s secret.
  • Divide by zero.
  • Light up a dark room not by turning the lights on, but by turning the dark off.
  •  Kill two stones with one bird.
  • Unscramble an egg.
  • Pop a wheelie on a unicycle.
  • High-five a bald eagle.

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand” – Harry S. Truman.  Well, my friends, the job at hand is to rock out in the name of all things American.  Indulge in your vices. 

Stay classy (and thirsty), America.